A little something extra...about us

Is it possible to tame the imagination of a human mind?

Henry David Thoreau said: “...the world is but a canvas to our imagination...’’. So, all that we tried to find, was what kind of material our own canvas would be!

Motivated by creativity, our limitless imagination and the willpower to paint with colourful feelings our lives; on spring of '14 “Kubique” was created as an idea, continued as persistence, in order to reach, as an important and necessary part of our daily life. Colors, shapes, designs... everything started taking form and captured uniquely in our patterns. Our bags are made with care by the most original and strong materials, keeping though the environmentally friendly standards. All prints are made digitally with recyclable paper and the plastic used is without addition of cadmium.

Each bag is 100% handmade focusing on the details, the quality and making it unique on its own! Our purpose is to create each bag with special aesthetics covering though the needs and demands of every client.

With kind regards

Marina Karanika and Kubique Team