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I am glad that this blog has given us the opportunity to meet and share our thoughts and ideas!

Fortunately, fantasy is limitless and has no boundaries. Repeatedly the fashion industry and especially the women accessories one confirms it. New ideas and trends are being formed in a daily basis and the common denominator in majority is originality and style enhancement!

My name is Marina Karanika and my motivation on starting to create bags from innovative materials was my desire for “colour”. Being a lover myself of the all time classic black in clothes, from my morning dressing code to my night out outfit, I was always looking for an accessory that would break this monotony and make the difference in my appearance. As a woman therefore who respects her style, my choice was… the bag!

Our starting point is our bags, made by high quality graphic plastic, with a matte texture enriching and protecting the digitally printed patterns!

All our bags are standing out for their uniqueness, for the main reason that the layout of the patterns that compose them, is every time unrepeatable!Each bag is entirely handmade focusing on the details and the quality that will make it unique on its own! Starting from the name itself and the logo of our company, most of the patterns are signified by geometry, ambiguity and linearity. These principles reflects both my own as well as Vassilis’ (partner and art director of Kubique) love for minimalism and simplicity in design.

Concluding, what excites me about these bags is that every single time I come into a pattern creation, the final result always surprises me as much as I have worked on it! This is simply why “cubes”... compose their own Art! 

We welcome you to our colourful and creative family!
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Marina xx


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